Not All Keywords Are Indexed By Google On Our Category Pages. While They Do Appear On The Pages.

Not all keywords are indexed by Google on our category pages. While they DO appear on the pages.

In Semrush we find missing keywords compared to our competition. In Google Search Console this statement is correct, we are indeed not found organically with these keywords in Google. While they are on the pages.

Could it be that we have a setting wrong, so that not all content is indexed?

NOT indexed in Google are keywords in a subcategory name or in the buttom text

Things like the H1, Alt tag, browser title and meta descriptions DO get indexed.

An example for this page:

We are not found in Google for the keyword 'led dimmer', although this is stated in the button text.

Another example: the keyword 'Gira schakelmateriaal’ is listed on the page as a subcategory, but we are not found for this in Google.

Both search terms (+ more than 400 others) are listed with the missing keywords in Semrush for this page, while they are on the page.

Unfortunately we see this error on many category pages.

What can we do about this?

See screenshots.

Category no index.png

Category no index 2.png