Not able to edit price for new storefront

Hi Everyone,I’ve created a new storefront for KSA. and we have a default store in UAE. So we wanted to list our ksa product with more than 25 % upper than UAE store. But there is not option to edit the product price. There is not option to select storefront on product page. (Screenshot by Lightshot)

I’m trying to figure out how a same product, can be listed with different price for multistore front.

Please let me know if someone has already done this

looking forward to it


I understand you have MV ULITMATE or MV UNLIM?
The option you are talking about is in CS-Cart ULTIMATE or CS-Cart B2B where you have shared products and there may be different prices on different storefronts.
Unless you are talking about something else, please explain.

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Such feature exists in CS-Cart Ultimate, but not in Multi-Vendor Ultimate since products are shared through vendors, not store-front categories

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Thanks for the reply everyone! we have the multivendor ultimate plan, and now we are creating multiple storefront and we want to set different prices for the same products on the two different storefronts.
Cs-cart ultimate has the features but the multivendor doesn’t have the same feature.
So if anyone aware of any add-on for that or maybe another way to set the different price.


Hello, tech!

As far as we know, there is no such add-on. You can send us a request on, if you will not find a ready solution, and we will estimate it for you.

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