Not able to add blocks in 2.1.1

Ever since I upgraded to 2.1.1, whenever I click on Add Block in the blocks page, and save it, it doesn’t appear anywhere in the blocks. Same thing goes for Groups.

In other words, I can’t create any new blocks… :S

Is this a known issue?

I did have problems with adding blocks and showing in Main page. Support had to fix it for me. Not sure it is the same issue. This was their response [QUOTE]

I have fixed this bug on your server. It was caused by the incorrect information in the “cscart_products” table in the database. I corrected it.

Now it is displayed properly.


Hmm…I looked and I don’t really know what to look for. Everything looks normal, though.

Before the update I used to “Add Block” and it would just appear somewhere, so I can drag it where I want it, now it doesn’t even appear.