Non Ajax Add to Cart Not Working

Could someone please tell me how to direct a customer to the shopping cart contents when they click the Add to Cart button?

I tried unchecking the Ajax option under Admin>settings>dynamic HTML with no luck.

Anyone else experiencing the same?

Check it in the settings

Thanks for the reply.

That’s exactly what I did - I unchecked it under Admin>Settings>Dynamic Html and still not working…

bug maybe?

Also - is it possible to add a direct “Add to Cart” link on a separate html page outside of the shopping cart system so that the user is redirected to the shopping cart contents page with the item in the cart?

Where would I find that direct link?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Besides turning off Ajax for the add to cart you also have to check the option to redirect to the shopping cart when a product is added. It is in the options, maybe the general settings.