No Thumbnail when link is posted to facebook

Running into a rather strange problem on a couple of our cs-cart sites. When anyone posts our root url ( into a facebook status update, their are no thumbnails to select from for the preview. However, if they post a url to a product page(, there are thumbnails from that page. Both are running version 2.2.4. Any ideas on how to solve this?

Hi, am trying to have facebook select the image for my post and use as thumbnail but there is a problem. Facebook is instead grabbing my header image file INSTEAD of my post image. I need help correcting this problem. I have multiple posts on my website blog section, and I need EACH post have its own unique thumbnail. Please help!


Try to use the Generic Image Open Graph tag:

The problem with using Generic Image Open Graph tag is that ALL of my blog post will feature the same thumbnail image, which is NOT what I want and that's the problem am having. I want EACH blog post to have its own unique thumbnail image. I have pretty done EVERYTHING possible to get a thumbnail from the post to show up but to no avail, and that's the problem with CS Cart. From what I understand about CS Cart, there's no way for you to manipulate each page's header section because all the pages use one and the same template and that's what's frustrating about it. Here's a link to the blog post section on my website:Blog | PackZen

I have struggled with the issue now for a couple of days, and it's driving me nuts. Your help will be greatly appreciated!

Part of the problem is, I don't have access to each page's header section in CS Cart. If anyone knows how to do that, please share.


For example, for the index page you can use the following code:

{if $runtime.controller == 'index' && $runtime.mode == 'index'}
content="" />

The code did not work.

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The code did not work.


Sorry, I missed the version. Please try.

{if $smarty.const.CONTROLLER == 'index' && $smarty.const.MODE == 'index'}


Do not forget to clear templates cache

OK what should I do with this code? Can you provide step by step instructions on how to implement code? By the way, I am using Version 4.2.4 of Cs Cart.

  • Install and activate the My changes module
  • Create the following file


  • For version 4.2.4 put content from post #6
  • Save the file
  • Clear cache
  • Check result

I tried that and it still did not work.

If you check source code (CTRL + U), do you see this tag on the home page?

I checked but still nothing.

Looks like another module overrides this hook. Additional examination is required in this case


Pasting a link to my website on Facebook has worked always flawless until this week, having changed nothing? Can't get my mind around what is going wrong.


https://lanternevola...uadrata-grande/would result in the display of the picture of a square water lantern, now what happens if I paste in on Facebook it results in the display of a square grey block?

Social share is switched on, but nothing works.


Anyone any idea what is happening here?

Thanks in advance.