No storefronts defined


I get an error message (No storefronts defined) after new install of latest cs cart version when i acces the store front.

I already have it will run until i will make new page) so the person in charge with server from my company installed here: [url=“”][/url]

I can acces admin but not the store front.

Please help us.

Thanks a lot.

Their answer:Thank you for the request.The issue could have been caused by your storefront settings. Please check if your storefront is set up correctly on the Administration > Stores page of your admin panel. Also please check if permissions for the directories js and app are set to 755 recursively and to 777 recursively for the directories var, design and images.If this does not help, please provide temporary SSH access to your server by clicking on the Add record link on the Access information page of your Help Desk account and let us know about it in this ticket so that we could examine the issue with your CS-Cart installation.

Problem was solved by installing cs cart on a www domanin, not like first time www4.

Thanks for nothing CS cart support!

Good luck to all of you in solving this problem.

After the store import process is performed, it is necessary to change URL addresses of the imported storefronts. In order to do it, please go to Administration > Stores and click on the gear icon of the necessary storefront. After that please specify the necessary storefront URLs.

I have just copied cs-cart 4.02, initially installed on web, to xampp.

Everything works perfectly even SEO URLs and https (did not expect to see any), all fast.

In this task, besides changes in config.local.php, the URL editing is required as advised in previous message.

Also, (before that) i had to clean var/cache/ for admin panel to start working. Simply delete all 3 directories in cache.

Now i have a clone, sooo easy.