No shipment notification sent


No notification mail is sent after creating a new shipment (of course, checkbox “Send shipment notification to customer” is checked).

Mails are sent via SMTP Server and other emails are sent (new orders, status changes).

If I change the “Order status” in the “New shipment options”, the mail for that status change is sent, but not for shipment.

Can't find out why no notification is sent for the shipment. Any option I've missed ?

[sub]Using Ultimate 4.0.1[/sub]

The same thing is happening to me in 4.0.1. I hope this is fixed in 4.0.2.

The issue seems to be fixed in 4.0.2, thanks @aromazona

[quote name='bolean' timestamp='1380699125' post='16673']

Thank you for the report.We have fixed this issue. The fix is already included in CS-Cart 4.0.2 version.In order to resolve this issue for 4.0.1 please contact our technical support team. They will provide you with the instructions or apply the changes on your server.Thank you.


I've just updated to 4.0.2 and can confirm that the issue is fixed. Shipment notifcation are now sent to customer.