No payment method empty field validation?

Hi all,

I have a client using SagePay Direct on their 2.2.2 store and I have noticed something wrong.

There has recently been a few orders coming through as ‘Failed’ and the response ‘Status: 3055 : The CardType field is required. (MALFORMED)’.

I have investigated this and it appears that the customer can just bypass the payment step by clicking the ‘continue’ button without actually entering anything and when they click on place order it tells them that the order has failed.

Now this is as expected as the order cannot be completed without any card details but the question is should there not be any validation to see if the customer has populated any of the credit card fields? This seems a bit of an oversite to me.

Surely there should be some kind of check to see if the required fields have been populated? If not they should be notified that the fields are empty and cannot continue until they populate them? This is how it works on all page forms.

What does everyone think?

Many thanks