No "Notify Orders dept" shown


I am ready to launch a client’s site but did a test order and didn’t get an email about the order (it does show in the orders in the admin panel)

When I edit the status’ there is no “notify orders dept”, only notify customer.

I am running the latest version. I have a personal; CS store and don’t have this problem.

Another note is that I have myself and 2 other people set as admins so we all get the emails.


[quote name=‘Tony Broussard’]Anyone?[/quote]

check order status’s for open and processed.

Specifically ‘notify order department’

That’s the thing, there’s nothing there other than “notify customer”

Under order statuses - Process - Edit

You dont see the same as this?


I have a CS Cart for my personal store and everything shows up fine, but it doesn’t on my clients.


I submitted a ticket on the problem with CS support but it may take a while to hear back. Hopefully someone can lead me in the right direction.