No notification of product reviews?


I am running an earlier version of cs cart [1.35] I think.

We just enabled ‘Product Review’ and all working OK - but I [administrator] am not getting an email to advise us that products reviews have been created - so we ca authorise them.

Are we supposed to get an email notification? If so - any ideas why I am not?



Did you specify an email address in Addons–>Comments and Reviews?

Thank you Tool Outfitters, for your help but I do not seem to have an ‘Add on’ area within my version Admin panel.

I do have an ‘Add on’ directory within my customer folder in Template manager but the pages there contain no email addresses?



Where did you enable product reviews? The version would help. You can find it in DB Backup setting.

1/ Can’t seem to easily see a version number in my admin or support help desk area - but purchased the cart on Apr 21, 2006. [so maybe 1.3.3]?

2/ Enabled ’ Product Reviews’ in Admin area - ADMINISTRATION > MODULES



If it’s 1.3.3 then that would certainly explain it. I didn’t come in until 1.3.4 and I am surprised they even had Product Reviews in 1.3.3.

Looks like it’s time to upgrade.?