No New Vendor Notification In Admin, Why?

I want to be notified of a new vendor sign up- (waiting for approval) inside the admin when I log in. Currently the only notification I receive is via email. But Shouldn’t it be listed in the front admin section as important waiting for approval? I don’t think it should only be sent via email in case it gets lost in the spam. Is there a way to see this that I am missing? Any response would greatly be appreciated…



On mine it does give me a notification that I have a new vendor waiting for approval. Check Settings >> Vendor

  1. Make sure that Allow users to apply for a vendor account is checked
  2. Also check the automatically create the vendor account if approved

Hi- Yes I have those boxes checked already. I am just wondering why there isn't a link from the Admin homepage area showing the new vendors. There is a yellow pop up box but it disappears after clicking a link to another page. Then you have to search manually for the new vendors that signed up. This takes forever! There should be a link to show Vendors waiting to be approved

Hi, we can add a link to the admin top menu with pending/new vendor numbers. Click the top link will directly take you to the pending vendors page. Please feel free to contact us at [url=“CS-Cart Templates - CS-Cart Skins - CS-Cart Addons - CS-Cart Mods”][/url].

Okay Thanks!