No More Separate Urls For Http & Https

We want to make configuring a store easier. That’s why we’re planning to merge the two fields of the storefront settings: “Storefront URL” and “Secure storefront URL”. Only one URL will be used, and it will be either HTTP, or HTTPS, depending on the corresponding setting. So, your site wouldn’t be able to use
at the same time.

This change will also affect http_host, http_path, https_host, https_path in the config.local.php file of your store.

Here are the reasons for the change:

• HTTPS is a de-facto standard and a security requirement:

- Search engines give HTTPS sites higher positions.

- Browsers mark sites without HTTPS as “not secure”.

- An SSL certificate to set up HTTPS can be obtained for free from Let’s Encrypt.

• The availability of one site on multiple domains leads to duplicate content which harms SEO.

But before we remove the ability to set separate URLs for HTTP and HTTPS, we would like to know if you use it. If you have separate URLs for standard and secure connection, or if your http_host is different from https_host, please let us know here why you’ve done it this way.