No "More" Link on News Items Since Upgrading to v3

On my old version 2 site all of my News posts had a “More…” link at the bottom which would take you to a page with just that particular news item, regardless of length. I did NOT have the “Show on Separate Page” checkmark checked.

All of my news items came in that same way when I imported them into v3.

However, I went to write some news posts today and notice that none of them have the “More…” link at the end. Thus there is no way to get to a page with just that one news item. I'd think this would not be a good thing for search engine spidering…

Does anyone know what is causing this and how to fix it? If I check the “Show on Separate Page” checkbox, then all I get on the News page is the title of the News post and then a “More…” link.

Thanks in advance for your help.