No longer able to accept payments after updating to 4.17.1 (Winbank Peraeus Bank)


On the 9th of November we updated our eshop to the latest version and that was version 4.17.1

Since that day the Winbank payment method that was built into cs-cart since … like forever, stoped accepting payments! It literally just stopped and started giving an error message on the epay website.

After contacting the bank they checked it out and confirmed that all orders made right after the upgrade would not POST!

They are getting the first ping properly but our site refuses to POST.

I believe it’s directly related to the upgrade. Does anyone have a similar experience or a quick workaround till our developers get wind of this situation?

The Bank is The Greek Peraeus bank (Winbank) and the gateway is in the built - in list of gateways that come preinstalled with cs-cart.

Doing a fast check, the php file used to process the payment with the epay (\app\payments\piraeus.php) is identical with the one that version 4.15.2 was using.

I believe that the problem lies somewhere else in the core of cs-cart!

I want to make an update. Although I never received a reply or help regarding this issue, it seems that it removed itself when I updated to 4.17.2.

Although this issue is not addressed in the full changelog, it is fixed with the latest version. Don’t know what or why it was. It’s fixed now. Hopefully this will be seen by someone in the developers team and they might take the time to explain what the issue was that came up right smack in the middle of the black friday period…

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Hello, @androutsos!

First of all, I’m terribly sorry that we didn’t see this topic sooner. We try to give issues with payment methods a higher priority. Although our forum has a dedicated bug tracker, for urgent issues it is best to contact our Customer Care directly via Help Desk.

Help Desk allows us to troubleshoot issues quicker. And if we discover that the problem has already been solved in a future CS-Cart version, we may be able to apply a fix in your installation right away.

CS-Cart 4.17.2 did indeed solve a problem common to a couple of payment methods, so there is a chance that a problem in Winbank integration was solved by this fix as well.

Once again, I’m sorry for the lack of reply previously, and I appreciate you letting us know that version 4.17.2 has solved the issue.

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