No Emails Received after order

Hello Great People,

I upraded today CSC1.3.5-SP1 to Sp2 and playing around found that when I order it doesnt send emails to me as Admin and Buyer (me) informing about purchase. Why is that? It worked before but it doesnt work now. What should I do?

When I tick in Admin “Notify Client” it works, but this is different thing. I can see oredr in Admin area too, the only thing is there are no emails.

Please help

Thank You


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Admin → Orders → Order Statuses:

You can set to notify customer per status. Make sure the correct status has the box checked.


I can’t promise this will work but i had a similar issue. Take a look at my suggestion here

It may or may not work.


Im sorry but I did not receive any info about your replies guys and posted next thread today regarding this issue. (probably did not indicate "Instant Email Notification")
I will try today your advice and if it doesn
t work I will post here again.

I very appreciate your help;)

baballuci you misunderstood my english. Im sorry. Its not about manual notification, its about automatic notification upon purchase. Once order is made admin and client each receive confirmation email. Admin - info about new purchase and client Invoice as a confirmation with "Thank You For Using Our Shopping Cart" at the end. Whats happening now is, instead of above mentioned emails Admin and client receive Inventory Update :confused: with the same “Thank You For Using Our Cart” message.

baballuci I misunderstood you. I thought you are talking about “Notify” client under each individual once order has been processed etc. I checked Order Statuses and found only for existing client line as follows: [COLOR=“DarkGreen”]Thank you for your order made with our shopping system. You are welcome to come back![/COLOR]

I couldn`t find anything stating [COLOR=“DarkGreen”]“Thank you for using our shopping cart”[/COLOR] which is in first order ever made by new client. What I have is as follows:

back ordered







Is there anything missing on the list?

Demon Templates Thank you:) You had SIMILAR issue but this is not exactly what I have.

Here I am again. I realized that Inventory Status Emails were sent due to low inventory which I set as low as 5, so after I increased products to more than 20 and “played” around with orders I did not receive any Inventory Status Emails. This would be solved.

There is still problem with emails confirmation. After I solved above problem I do not receive any email either as Admin nor as Client after purchase. I also realized that only client receive email upon registration, but I dont.
Please, what
s happened. I`m planning to go full online in February,but…

Any help is appreciated:-)

How to disable low inventory email sent to me ?