No Emails Being Sent Out For Any Orders

When someone places an order. They do not get emailed and the admin does not get emailed. This has been working for years with no issue. It is setup using the default. I have tried to send test emails and they never show up.

Also have tried the mail.php thing in the knowledge base and it looks good but not getting any emails.

We are using the latest version of CS Cart 4.4.2

Not sure where else to look.


What about other e-mails? Newsletters, profile changes, new shipments, etc?

None are currently working. I just tried the profile email and it is not working as well.

What method of sending e-mails do you use?

Using the default php mail function. Not using STMP or 3rd party software.

If you send a contact-us form, do you get the email?

Otherwise, you might have your hosting provider look at their maillog to see what sendmail (what is generally used under php mail function) is doing with the message.

My guess is that cs-cart is properly sending the message but the delivery is failing following the basic connection. Note that cs-cart doesn't do any error reporting on failed email.

If you want to track what cs-cart is sending, you can use our Log Email addon that will put the to/from/subject in the cart's logs.

I have tried the Contact us form and nothing shows up.

I will check with hosting to see what might be going on.



I have tried the Contact us form and nothing shows up.

I will check with hosting to see what might be going on.



Hello there, have you managed to solve your problem? If yes, how?

Well it looks like my site was compromised. Don't know if it was this new phpmailer thing or not. I ran the updates to SP1 and SP2. Godaddy let me know that my site was sending out all kinds of viagra spam. Once they unblocked my emails it is working again.

I am also facing the issue of emails on orders, however emails are sent on profile change. I am using the version MV4.5.2

Can anyone help please??

Thanks in advance!

There multiple possibilities.

1) The cart is not sending to your SMTP provider

2) The SMTP provider is blacklisted or otherwise blocked or can't deliver the email

3) The email is in the recipient's spam bucket

We have an addon (log email) that will log all emails being sent from the cart in the Administration/Logs just like all the other site activity. It shows to, from and subject fields so you can see what the cart is sending (all emails sent, even background ones like download notifications).

For #2 you'll have to work with your SMTP provider to review the logs for a particular message and see if there are any errors or rejections associated with it. Normally a rejection would give you a notification.

For #3, not much you can do about that. But you can send yourself a test order and verify that you receive it and/or review your spam filtering.