No Customer Info After Restore

Me again!

Restored the website, fixed most other probs and found another.

None of my customer data is showing. The main page of the back end shows orders, order totals and even customer names etc.

Ideas on a post card please!

Ho did you restore your database? Did you clear the site cache (?cc)?


Possible recovery of the database is not completely done? or simply this information did not have in this dump, for example the new orders info, which are not yet included in the dump.

Thank you.

I don't think that is the problem because if a new customer makes an order the details are still not there. So it's not like its a backup issue as new data isnt showing either.

I have just noticed that when you click on the Customers section, the customer names are still all displayed in a list.

When you click one of the customer entries you get taken to the page for that customer.

For a few seconds all the info displays and then part of it disapears from the screen. Could this be related?

Sorted with massive thanks to WSA Team and Damir.

What was the reason?

I believe “app/controllers/backend/orders.php” was unusualy empty, possibly caused by the FTP upload (I did notice a couple of reds in the Filezila reporting but didn't pay much attention to them).