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My web site is for the most part completed. I’m still adding inventory. Let me know what you guys think of the over all look, graphics, etc.

Nifty Pet Stuff:

You misspelled a word

Thanks for the heads-up. Spell Check was activated when I first installed CS-Cart. Then all of a sudden, I don’t get the red lines under misspelled words anymore. Anyone know how I can re-activate spell check?

Hi niftypetstuff

I don’t Think there is a Spell Checker in FCKeditor, but the red line you mention will appear in the box you add your description to without using the editor, as it does here on the forum.

OH!!! you’ve done well with your site so far, looks good.

I think the spell check feature is in FF under Tools > Options > Advanced > General “check my spelling as I type”

What is FF, and exactly where do I go in Admin panel to get the ren underline again (or is the setting even in admin panel)? Thanks!

FF is the browser Firefox

Nevermind – I got it. It dawned on me after I posted the reply. It was FireFox settings. I then realized why the red lines under misspelled words “disappeared”. It was because I have IE and FF. And sometimes I use either or. Not anymore. I will be sure to use FF for all my Cs-Cart edits, etc. I love that spell check feature in FF. Thanks again for helping me realize what it was!

be careful designing your site based on FF, you’ll end up making one of the most beautiful sites ever, then when you visit with IE it will be a total disaster…lol

not bad color background carolina blue my favorite the go daddy logo where did you get that to show up im just curious is it a special addition box ?

and where do you place that in admin

Hi niftypetstuff

Your Newest Product, scroll’s two products then stop, it should stop on each one.

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