Nicer filter presentation

Similar to the price filter slider, wouldn’t it be obvious this could be used for other numeric filters such as dimensions or capacity?

Or is this possible already and am I missing something?

yes, you just need to create features for each size and then add the filter for those features. Be aware though multi sixe dimension i.e. 30 x 20 x 50 would be supported .

see cs cart knowledge base for setting up new features.


Hi John,

thanks for the reply.

You confuse me, a feature for each size?

I have a feature “width”, type extended.

20 variants are defined, ranging from 10 to 200.

They show up as checkboxes in the frontend filter panel.

Works but it is a long list.

I want to display a ui slider from 0 to 200.

This is supported you reckon?

I am on 3.02

Definately I was just thinking maybe you wanted combinations of sizes which is unable to do.

Just set all your sizes as features and then add a filter for them

Delve into the price feature already set up and also export the products it relates to as csv this will show you the way it works

some good use of filters I know of are at brandons site saltwatertogo


Saltwatertogo uses filters alright but not of the slider type like this

They have more of a range thing going on, which I have managed to configure as well.

But, that's not what I want.

Having a lot of numeric feature variants, a horizontal slider is the way to go.

set up the same, just shows different in front of cart. The back end features and filters still have to be set.


It is the front view I am after.

You would have thought configuring the filter, there would be an option: display type: horizontal slider.

But, no cigar.

I will have to mod the template myself I suppose.