Next version

Dear Simon,

Thank you for interesting in CS-Cart software.

CS-Cart 1.3.3 will be released in 1-1.5 week.

Here are the key features of the new version:

  • Order management (ability to create/edit orders);
  • Ability to use email as username;
  • Multicurrency feature;
  • Froogle and Googlebase import;
  • Ability to upload images for product options combinations;
  • Ability to create thumbnails from detailed images automatically;

    and more.

    Following payment gateways will be added:

    Protx, MetaCharge, HSBC, eNets.


does anybody knows some closer details about showing up a new version of cs-cart?

Recently version that We’ve got is 1.3.3.

Works very well,but we do ask this as mentioned in other post for"compare products" feature .


1.3.4 will be available around the end of the summer, approx. 1.5 - 2 monthes

Can you do it in some shorter time?

We are all on the pins.


Hi mikevecoss, just FYI we (the moderators) don’t work for CS nor are we any way shape or form affiliated with CS. We are solely volunteers and help when we can, we try to contribute mods, tips & tricks when possible but our own cs-cart stores come first, we are not selfish but if we spent our days helping, coding others ect…well you get the idea, also I see no reason why you would have to wait for v1.3.4 to launch your store, just build it with v1.3.3 and upgrade later, we’re still using v1.3.2, works great, we want a products comparison tool too but it will not make or break your store.

i agree: 1.3.3 is perfectly working…

just relax and have a nice summer!

in september we all have to work :slight_smile:

i agree with krur, this is a great cart, im sure you would find other carts missing some modules that would be great to have but i doubt they would be as good as cs-cart. it works great so far as is. im sure they are doing the best they can.

We’re also interested in"affiliate" feature.

Without it,we have to buy other affiliate script rated $50-100.

Not much but would be perfect way to implement all that together under one roof.


HI mikevecoss,

as you may see from other threads Affiliate extension will be surely added in CS-Cart 1.3.4.