Hello all

How can I tell who has received my newsletter and who hasn’t?

I press save and send (I have subscribed my own hotmail address), I receive it, but my boyfriend doesn’t get it.

I don’t know of any other way I can test it? :confused:

Is it filtered into his Junk Mail?


I’ve sent the newsletter 4 times now. I’ve received it 3 times, my boyfriend received it once and a customer just emailed me to say they’d received it 4 times… (ooops)

I just hope I haven’t upset all my subscribers now!

The newsletter went to junk folder automatically. Not good. It is possible to prevent this? Is it possible to email like 10 at a time? I don’t want to be blacklisted. Any idea.

My hosting service gave me temporary ban for sending newsletter to more then 100 subscribers.

How can I send newsletter in portions with some time delay?

sorry for hijacking the thread guys, but how in the world do you send out newsletter to customer ?

I’m going to step in too…

How do customers opt-in or opt-out of the newsletter?

dunno about on yours, but on mine… there’s a “box” for it… you also have to make sure that the “News & Emails” addon is enabled

Hello Luckdragon

Do you find that the CS Cart Newsletter function is good enough for your purposes?

On other threads about newsletters, people have said that everyone is better off using a third party option such as Constant Contact or Aweber, but these all cost extra.

My initial problem was a server issue by the way, which has since been resloved… I’ve now got a new server host and my last newsletter went out without a hitch!! :wink:

when my clients send out newsletters to their customers, they are pretty selective on whom they send to… so it’s not much of a problem (plus, i run the servers, so I make sure they work how they are supposed to :slight_smile: )


Looks like I should be ok using CS carts own newsletter system for the time being then. I’ve only got a small mailing list and my new server seems fine in every way so far. :stuck_out_tongue: