Newsletters Subcribers Menu

Hi All,

Um using CS CART 4.2.3, I cant access Subcribers menu (Marketing - Newsletters - Subcribers). Show blank page with url like attachment.

I already try to show error with define('DEVELOPMENT', true); but dont get any result.

Any one can help me?

Than you before.


Dear MIS,

Checking with the element inspector if there is any content that comes from the server. It is possible that the script doesn't work…

Best regards, Alt-team.

If any 3rd party add-ons are installed, try to disable them

Dear All,

Checking with the element inspector result 500 Internal Server Error, and disable 3rd party add-ons but not help.

CS Cart support very slow response, Any other idea about this issue?

Sorry, but no ideas.

Hope that CS-Cart will answer you soon. Usually they answer in some days. Wait please.

After their letter, do not forget to share with the result.

Best regards, Alt-team.

Please check server error logs. May be the reason can be found there