Newsletter signup isn't working

I enabled the News & Email add-on and added the newsletter signup block to my site but when you put your email address in and submit the form, nothing happens. It just appears to reload the homepage and no subscribers show up in admin

Make sure you have a newsletter signup under newsletters

I can't find anything like that? Where is it?

CS-Cart calls it a Mailing List. You have to have at least one Mailing List created for the subscription.

I created a mailing list but still nothing happens when I put my email address in the newsletter signup block. Is there some way to assign which mailing list subscribers get added to when they subscribe from that block?

sorry - correction, apparently it did sign me up but I didn't get any message or anything about it. It just reloaded the homepage

If you set up an autoresponder and choose it as a Confirmation email - the subscriber will at least get an email message upon signup.

The confirmation email message should include the %ACTIVATION_LINK

BUT… after input of an email address in the form, you SHOULD get one of CS-Carts alert messages. Something like:

“Congratulations! We just sent you an email message! Please check your email. You MUST ACTIVATE your request to complete your subscription.”

That is the language variable: text_subscriber_added

Nothing like that :(