Newsletter setup

we’re running 3.0.6 pro and need to edit the mailing list checkbox on registration & checkout.

if possible we would like to:

-remove the ‘Mailing lists, Sign up here:’ text

-have the checkbox pre selected

-remove the Plain Text or HTML select box (see image attached)

-in addition have just HTML as the format preferred

if anyone has any info on this we’d love to hear about it, thanks.



I consider the screen shot id from front end on page Profile details, for this you need to:

replace full content from [color=#ff0000]skins/[SKIN_NAME]/customer/addons/news_and_emails/hooks/profiles/account_update.pre.tpl[/color]

with ```php

{if $page_mailing_lists}

{foreach from=$page_mailing_lists item=list}




I hope that helps,

[color=#808080][size=2]part of[/size][/color]