Newest block

How annoying is this newest block option. When i want to show the newest i dont want to choose how much days back. I just want to show the newest added in the database. So sorted by last added without selecting on how much days ago.

So like:

SELECT * FROM cscart_products ORDER BY product_id DESC LIMIT 20

Thats it.

Is this possible?



If you use Cs-cart 2.0.8 go to:

“Add Block” in “Blocks” make a choice Filling = “Newest” and Period = “Any Date”

That will solve your problem


i dislike the newest block also …

I have about 100 new products a day …

I dont want to show 100 products on my main page

so i limit it to 8 products …

but the newest product block does not randomize the selection

so i always get the first 8 and never any others …

they need a random option bad !!!

this is the only cart i have seen without it …

im almost to the point of leaving cs-cart just for that feature…

@than83: then it sill show in a weird order. I just want to see the last added products. This is so easy to create, but i dont feel like going to al the code to adjust this myself.

I dont get it how they came up with this newest products setup :confused:??

I have added new products every day the last days, but still there are products showing that i have added like a week ago.

Please just create the option to really show the newest in the database!