Newest Added Products v1.0

working on a Newest Added Products mod, almost done testing out.



Looks good, I’d be interested!

Yup me too.

Who has the experience can would like to help the community with this project? I have it 90% done, their are a few little quirks that need fixed, I will not have time to finish it in the coming weeks.

if it is next week… i can give an hand

Whare are your hand?

this mod is a work in progress and still has a few quirks that need sorted out, in time I’ll get it working as intended, in the mean time I’m on vacation

You always seem to be on vacation… You lucky thing!

Any progress?!

finishing up this mod over the weekend, no guarantees I’ll work out all the kinks but it’s 95% their, I’ve spent way too much time for such a silly mod, the official name is New Arrivals v1.0 - snorocket

Are you really somewhen finish this module?

yea I have it working with the exception of a few quirks that I need not worry about right now as I have other priorities to focus my attention on…having these little mods will not make or break your cart.

snorocket you rockit… get it, snorocket / rock it… never mind =)

I know you guys are getting all excited, were (The CS Mod Team) is waiting for the release of v1.3.4 in which we’ll test all our super cool killer mods to make sure they are compatible with the new version…

about that: when is 1.3.4 final coming out? anyone? this is taking very very very very long now with 4 rc’s inbetween! damn…!

ever finish it?

this is DEAD zone :smiley:

Newest Products has been done and working foerver, it will now be included in 1.3.5 along with Testimonials…

Hi Snorocket, I have version 1.3.4 …is there a way for me to get the Newest Products and Testimonial …? Do you do mod install for a fee???