The tip is you should get cs-cart as soon as you can. The community will help you a lot if you have any problem using cs-cart. :)

Tips for what exactly? How to decide which cart? What products should you sell online? Every question I could think of to ask would result in various answers which all come down to your business requirements and your market.

Read the manual.

Install the demo.

Search this forum for answers to initial questions.

Ask your own questions if they are not already answered here.

DONT go with 1and1 web builder, my experience with it is bad.

Try Cs as Kinglseypress says , you will be glad you did once you get your head round it

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Just incase anyone else ever asks these questions.

you can set up different users in different user groups and assign diferent prices per user group etc.


Also you can allow people to buy on wholesale accounts etc in payment options. ;-)



My name is Danny and I am new to this board this is my first post to this board and I want to make some interesting discussions for this . I hope that it would be really good for me to be on this board and I can enhance my knowledge. Thank you and regards.