Newb With Major Issues

Hi guys. I was recently asked to take control of a school store website that uses cscart. It has been really difficult updating it as most of the documentation dealing with the account and the store in general have been misplaced or most likely dont exist. I have just a few basic questions as i am completely new to the program. Please bear with me. Any help would be much appreciated.

Question 1: How do you upload new store images?

Question 2: How do you upload something like a PDF to make it available to customers?

I understand that these are very introductory level questions but i need help bad. Please assist.

  1. To upload product image use links nearby “Images:” in product update/create page (it's below description field)
  2. To upload some other image use link in TinyMCE with tree icon
  3. If you want to attach some files to product, just use “Attachments” tab on product update/create page
  4. If you want to add some links to files, just upload this files via ftp and create link to this file (you may create link by using “Insert/edit link” in TinyMCE (it has chain icon))