new zip file in my template editor

would someone be able to explain as to why when i just went into my template editor there was a zip file called “proxy.tpl”??

thanks alot for your help


That is a bad file, it puts proxy scripts on your site that you will be unaware of. I had this same problem and my server admin people notified me of it. They are exe files in these directories,






I made a post about a security issue, and was told it was resolved, check those directories and see if any of those files are there.

will do asap. how does that get there???

when i loged on to my server to go into my filed i got a message that my certificate isnt good

Well I am not sure how it gets there, some kind of injection or something. All I know is that my server admin found it, and I actually had to delete my entire site in order to get rid of those files, and then reupload the entire thing. I hope that you have better luck than I did.

i didnt find any of the other files that you posted.


Good deal, I am glad that you didnt get hit with them like I did. You are fortunate.