New website is slow

I published my new website a couple days ago. I have received some great compliments, but also have been told it is slow.

With being new with cscart, I have no clue on what to look for or how to speed it up.

Any suggestions?


Loaded very fast here

Using IE 8

Looked good here too FF 3.6.10

Fast here too…chrome…eastern U.S.


FF uk

fast enough here

Fast enough here in Australia using FF 4.0.1.

It’s a great average load time! Here is the report [url][/url]

Fast in Eastern Europe

Thank you everyone. Maybe the ones who said it was slow need to do something with their computer.

I looked at the smart optimizer, but have not had a chance to do anything with it.

Thanks again everyone.

Fine here as well, a very fast first visit actually.

You rank pretty good too, see [url][/url]