New Usps Changes Jan 26, 2014

Just got this today! Here we go again!


Web Tools Customer;

January 26 USPS Web Tools Update: USPS Web Tools will be implementing changes and additional features to the U.S. Postal Service APIs listed below effective January 26, 2014 with testing available January 13th. Detailed release notes are available on the USPS Web Tools home page here.

If you are a merchant using a 3rd party ecommerce or shipping software, please ensure that your IT professional is aware of the upcoming changes.

The following APIs will be modified and/or enhanced beginning January 26:

Domestic Label Retired APIs:



Rate API Updates:

RateV3 API

RateV4 API

InternationalRateV2 API

Domestic Label API Updates:

ExpressMailLabel API

HoldforPickupExpress Label API

eVS Label API

DeliveryConfirmation V2, V3, V4 APIs

SignatureConfirmation V3, V4 APIs

Priority Mail Open and Distribute API (OpenDistributePriorityV2)

Priority Mail Hold for Pickup API (HoldForPickupPriority)

First Class Mail Hold for Pickup API (HoldForPickupFirstClass)

Merchandise Return Service API (MerchandiseReturnV2,V3, V4)

International Label API Updates

Priority Mail Express International Label API (ExpressMainIntl)

Priority Mail International Label API (PriorityMailIntl)

First Class Mail International Label API (FirstClassMailIntl)

2976 Custom Form API (CN22V2)

Other API Updates:

Track and Confirm APIs (Track, TrackV2)

Address Verification API (GetAddress)

You will find the January Release Notes under the Web Tools Announcements Section at here. Please Follow us on twitter at @USPSWebTools for updates or contact the Web Tools team directly at with any questions or concerns.

Take care,

Ben Burgess

Damn you USPS!!!

I can't tell if CS-Cart Support is saying that the changes are not going to effect the Live Rates I get from USPS or if they are saying they don't care:

I too would like to know what CS-Cart needs to do so we can keep things working?

CS-Cart updated the Bug Tracker post on this issue to CLOSED.

I guess I will just have to wait and see on January 26th if I'm still in business…

This is the main reason why I’m skeptical about upgrading and paying for CS-Cart 4+ … It seems sometimes using their software in the United States were just stuck on our own when issues like this come up. Last year when the changes came, luckily I was able to make the changes myself within a day so my online store was only affected for a few hours since it took CS Cart about a week to respond to the USPS change problem.

I guess their main focus is on issues that might come up in Russia/Europe? I like CS cart but they are never proactive to these issues and have responded very slowly to issues that come up which are isolated to their USA software users (like USPS shipping changes). :(

Last year's changes were simple name changes to the USPS product. This year's changes are to the actual APIs.

CS-Cart said in the bug tracker that they would implement what needs to change in an update (to the current version), so if you are running anything less than the current, they are not supporting that.

The shitty thing is they say it's “not critical” and won't release a modification PRIOR to the change OR on time for the change.

All I wanted to know what whether or not the USPS changes will break shipping in CS-Cart v 3.0.6. They couldn't even be bothered to investigate and report their findings.

EVERY DAY THAT USPS SHIPPING DOESN'T RETURN A LIVE RATE I WILL LOSE SALES. I'll probably have to run a FREE SHIPPING promotion until it is fixed so I don't lose everything. That gets expensive when you ship WORLDWIDE via USPS like I do.

I guess we can all assume that once ALL their US clients complain THEN they will release a fix for it, because even the current distribution to NEW US customers may not function with USPS right out of the box.

I found this page very informative USPS® API Update January 2014 - Magento Shipping Extensions Magento Shipping Extensions

It says no impact to Magento Cart. I would imagine same for Cs-cart, but I wish cs-cart developers would provide a more definitive answer.


[quote]The shitty thing is they say it’s “not critical” and won’t release a modification PRIOR to the change OR on time for the change.

[/quote] Well, considering the USA market is 80% of their customer base, common sense tells me that this should be considered a rather critical issue… In all fairness, IMO CS-Cart has quite promptly corrected these updated shipping API issues in the past, I was actually quite impressed at the attention given to these situations in the past! Hopefully they will realize the impact this will have on the majority of their existing US customers!! ;-)