New templates

I was wondering in the list_templates files where the grid_list.tpl grid_list.tpl files are how can you add a new template? I created a new one but when I attach it to a include file it doesnt recognize it.

Is this to create a new category list?


[quote name=‘jobosales’]Is this to create a new category list?


No its for the product page. The problem is I want it layed out one way on the product details page and another way for the category. So if I change one it changes for all and I need to create a custom one just to be used on the product pages. I am essentially doing it manual, where I use the include file option and set the template there, not using the admin for this.

Is it possible to just make the changes in the product detail area using some if statements?

{if $controller == ‘categories’}

this layout


other layout


Depending on where the changes are located, you might be able to use hooks.