New site

Hi, I finished my new site based on Cs-Cart 1.3.3.

Site is live, please dont testing orders.

Post your comments / suggestions for make changes . Thanks for your feedback.

I have a dual design for 2 type of customer

** for normal client ,

design black and grey => login : client1 , pass : client1

** for whosale client

design white when are logging => login: whosales1 , pass: whosales1

Thanks again ,regards from Spain

very nice, great graphics

wow, very nice!!

nice to see.

wow, very very nice!!

Thanks, for your post. I have only normal know of html and php.

Great looking site, however it seems to load very slowly - anyone else have this? I certainly wouldn’t buy from a site that takes that long to load - not because I didn’t trust it or anything just that I’m impatient and would go somewhere else to get it done quicker!


Hi recedo

It takes 2.44seconds to load with FF that is fast. No problem here.

Just looked again and it loaded fine, probably my connection at the time.

Great design, one of the best implementations of CS I’ve seen so far.


absolutely! grandioso!

He should be making templates for cs-cart!!! :o))

Thanks for all comments.

I make small modificacion in php for show BIG PRICES in categories , numbers with design

can you seen this in all categories, for example


Please post your suggestion.


I see what you have done here, but i would rather suggest

usage of nice CSS with regular fonts instead of slowing-down-number-images.

Or use eot-embedded technique. That is very nice, IE only (95%?),

but you can you any font then.

I did it once for a site for icons (made in fonts lol).

Have a look here:


or google:

[url]eot embedded fonts[/url] - Google Suche

Just a thought.

The numbers are nice though :wink:

Hint: in case you want to stick with these number-images, make sure that you have set the width and height for the image hardcoded, so it it gets cached better :wink: I havent looked if that was already the case, but this is a comment in general…

nice site.