New Site,

Well, after a good month and half of messing with the images and learning a new system, I believe that I have finally completed this site. I would appreciate any input and/or feed back that anyone might have. Hope you enjoy.

nicely done m8!..takes me back to my days in the 1800’s lol. Good work!

some things:

i would also change the standard yellow and blue cs-cart buttons to another color (as well as the red discount-tag-image (and anti-alias it))

and add a small d.brown border to the products images. looks a lot better i believe…

you might also want to work on the length of your pattern a bit


nice site m8,

good luck with your business!



Thanks for the advice, I will work on doing that. I didn’t realize that the featured products would stretch out the page like it did. Done a work around for that, and will work on the buttons… makes alot os sense.


Thank you.

The site looks great. Your design is first rate but design will not drive potential buyers to you. I am in the SEO business so I tend to look at these elements and I question your keyword choices:

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I think you can do much better with a little research. Think of a few keywords you’d like your customers to use when they want to find your products and then do a Google search using those keywords or phrases. See what sites you come up with and if they relate to yours. Then go to the Overture Keyword Selector tool here: [url][/url] and put in some of the words that led you to sites like yours. This will give you an idea of where your words stand in rankings and popularity.


thank you for your advice, I will be doing that tonight.