New Site Requirments - Will Cs-Cart Work For This?

Wholesale Website:

The powers that be are again wanting to look into having a website for our wholesale customers. That said, here are a few of the requirements. some of them I know how to do using an older version of the cart (2.14) But we would start with the current version for this project.

  1. Unregistered customers can only see limited selection of product, with out prices. (I think this should be accomplished via user groups and a set of guest only categories)

  2. Once a customer has registered, we would have to approve them, and set discount level, and net terms. We have several discount levels and terms. (I think this should be accomplished via user groups)

  3. once logged in be able to download price schedule based on there discount level. (don't know how to accomplish this)

  4. To be able to print their discount level and terms on packing list/invoice (In old version, I would attempt to grab this info from the customers “User group” info., but don't know how to do that)

  5. Now the tough one… packing list/ invoice would have to have products sort in 2 levels, first by there product line (maybe main category) with a line break between each product line, then by the design number. The design number. I'm kinda thinking like when you look at the categories in the admin side. the main category has a position number and sub categories have their own position numbers. So for packing list/invoice, onscreen or print each product would have two position numbers associated to them.

  6. Registration: A customer would need to register with an email then we would assign them a userid (to match our inhouse system). But we do not want the customer to be able to change the user id from the profile page or anywhere else.

    Please let me know if there are ways to accomplish all of this.

    Them comes the fun of designing a good look for the site.


    David DeWitt

This could be done through our cs-cart customization service. Please feel free to contact us here: CS-Cart Templates - CS-Cart Skins - CS-Cart Addons - CS-Cart Mods