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Site looks good, similar to ours but different colour

Didn’t spend too long poking around but think your add to cart buttons (blue) would look better in same colour as rest of site. Also, your laptop cover banner has a white border - would look better without it.


Love that idea, how do I go about changing the button colour Barry, would you happen to know?

Also the manage ad (laptop cover) seems to be like that with a white border? I think that is a default setting in CS?


I chose to change everything else to match the buttons! Ha Ha

Will have a look later if get chance. In the mean time someone who knows what they are doing may make a suggestion.


No problems…I’ll have a hunt around the forum! Thanks Barry

use photo shop (free 30 day trial from adobe)

Check the help of photoshop for colour swap

You can easily change the colour of graphics using photoshop :slight_smile:

If the help files are of no use just search for tutorials on google as there are many that will tell you how to change the colour of a graphic :slight_smile:

I can change the colours, I just need to know what files to change. Would you happen to know?

Hi Paddy

New Buy tags colour looks much better, glad you got it sorted!!!