New products not showing up

Hi All

Im having for the second time an issue when inserting new products.

They just dont show up.

Here is an example.

The product:


The product category:


As you can see the url is different and I dont have a damn clue why and the product dont show up.

Some hep is highly appreciated.



What version are you running?

You might try clearing the cache.

Cache more than cleaned.

Im using 2.1.1

I deleted all subcategories under Suspensios, created a single subcategory under KW suspension, the products showed up normally.

As soon as I created the second subcategory,… bahmmm nothign shows up again


Another note.


If you see the url on the variant1:


Why? whats going on with the SEo on this damn category?

What is generating your 2nd URL? There’s certainly no SEO for that category. Seems you have no SEO name set for Variant1.

You should never see a URL like:


Instead it should look like:


Note: the combination of SEO name and the dispatch method should never occur in the same URL.


Thank you for all the help but thats not my problem.

TThe problem is that no matter what Im deleted ALL categories on Suspension, created new ones, inserted one product NOTHIGN shows up

This is ridiculous, what the hell is going on?

I just had the side mirrors today with out any problems, now Im having this?

The product is there

Just created


When pulling the category listing where this product belong



I had this problem before, I cant remember how I fixed since it was back on 2.0.15

Without going through your whole admin setup, I don’t think I can help you here.

Verify that you have the “show products from subcategories” selected and that your cache was cleared after adding the product.

If you have DB access, go to the products table and look up that product_id and see what categories it thinks that product is in. That will tell you if you have a display problem or a data problem.

Sorry I can’t help futher.

Will update later