New Products do not appear on the website


Just starting to have this problems. New products I add do not appear on the website.

The system creates html file - for example [url=“”][/url] , but it is not visible in the category. Also do not appear in the new items.

Not sure where the problem is… The total amount of active products just gone above 500, is there some sort of limit?

Have 3.0.6 version, ultimate i think. (possible to have 2 stores)

Please help.

sometimes takes a while via searchanise, but clear your cache and try again


I did clear cache few times …admin…php?cc - I belive this is the way.

It is not just in search, but does not appear anywhere. That article on the link above I added about 4 days ago.

I also made ACTIVE few old articles which were DISABLED - they also do not appear.

Could be some memory limit issue with my provider?


That product loads for me. What do you get when you go to that page?

The product loads - but this is the link I got from Admin preview.

But when you look to where product should be in Breadcrumbs - [url=“Lounge / Pyjamas :: Tops & Bathrobe - Artem Bodywear”][/url] - it is not there and not in New items. (home page). And also not searchable…

You sure its not set to hidden and not active…disable it then re enable to active


I did disable, and then activated latest products. And it seems to work now. Thanks.

What could it be? do not really want this to happen all the time

Dunno…maybe you cloned a hidden product or something. Mine has done this the odd time.