New PC site

suggestions and feedback good or bad gratefully received.

Still working on it.

very nice!

Hi zoom4267


Hi zardos,

Your site doesn’t show properly on my PC.

Have you checked it with IE?

Hi baballuci

Looking at it now in IE but see nothing wrong, can you tell me more baballuci.

Did have trouble with my server today, but that has been fixed.


Hi Zardos,

Still not right on mine.

Everytime i refresh it comes out different. It seems to come down diagonally.

I’ll try and post a picture later.

I’m sure it’s something on my end if you can see it ok.

Hi baballuci


I have made a few minor adjustments to line it up on the right and made the overall width a little wider.

I think that the illusion is coming from the categories menu and the gradiant as it goes from dark at the bottom to light at the top.