New Lite Checkout - Billing Address Format

I have been able to get the Shipping address formatted for USA std addresses but can't get the billing address formated without generating a bunch of check boxes asking if billing and shipping are the same.

The way I did it was to create many shipping address blocks each essentially as their own address line. This worked well to get the desired result but when I applied the same logic to the billing address I get the checkbox issue.

See attached photos.

I am able to use mychanges template override and as you can see in the photo I added a billing address title. The problem is that I do not know coding and do not know how to make the change to the template files to get the desired result.

Help appreciated. Not looking "for hire" responses. I already have developers that I use and it seems that lately CSC has been causing some pain with the version changes that I have already been paying to have fixed.

I am sure this will help others out there as well given the overwhelmingly poor response to the 4.10.x changes.