New forums for those who think differently

I propose to have different forums so we can communicate with similar minded people:

These are the proposed forums:

Communists - They use free carts and will pass at no opportunity to write some propaganda about the open source

Ultra radicals - those who want weird features for the cart that are only some can use

Socialists - they use a nulled cart but sill vote for features

Liberals - those who want most popular features at no extra cost

Progressives - they just want something new because without surprises life is just boring to no end

Conservatives - those who want less features but less buggy core like it was during the good times before

What about those that want it all?..


5.10 posts per day.

You are in desperate need of a girlfriend. :wink:

You post way to often on odd topics. I especially love when you reply to your own posts. :lol:

But you are entertaining. :lol:

He he…brightens the forum up if u ask me.

I m sure hes a nutjob?:lol:

It looks like I’m a Conservative Communist?

I use free carts for people who don’t need so much CS offers. And I’m just about to buy another CS license. Also, I prefer stability to any new features. So, I think, the groups you came up with have wrong descriptions because Conservative Communist doesn’t sound right.

BTW - do you have a girlfriend, a cat or something you can spend more time with? Just curious.

[quote name=‘Noman’]…BTW - do you have a girlfriend, a cat or something you can spend more time with? …[/QUOTE]

Maybe a pet mouse LOL?

Anyway, I am leaving my current work in the middle of the month… I am entertaining job/projects offers from now on. (PM me)

  • Great with Photoshop !!!
  • Procedural PHP - huge experience
  • MySQL know rather well
  • HTML, CSS, JS (non-jquery) very good too (CSS especially), I script in a notepad.
  • I am in Houston

    Got to afford a pet mouse, then maybe a python. :wink:

    After the 15th my post count is expected to freeze.