New Field On Product Backend For The Asin

I need to create a new field on product backend for the ASIN as you can see on the picture.
I follow the instruction to create a new plugin:
In attachment, you can find the add-on that I have created.
Everything it's fine except that when I click save on the product I have an error (The page is not reload and I have site not available), what could be the problem?
Thank you for your help.


Why didn't you just add it as a feature?

Yes, that is what we're doing right now, but if you have 150 000 products then it will be a problems because of the features limitations. They add a limitation because it can exhaust the database.

The way it works with features, is that it add an ID for each entry and match the ID for each products.

And the error your're getting is? (php error_log error)

In the init.php you registered hook, but did not create function for this hook

But in your case usage of hooks is not required. Just delete the init.php file and clear cache. It should solve the problem

Thank you very mush eComLabs for your help it works perfectly.

You are welcome! :)