New Features We're Having Programmed by CS

Just thought I would post a few of the modifications we’re having CS create for us. If you are interested in them feel free to PM me and we can negotiate something and I can send you an outline of the exact features.

Custom Information on Invoices and Order Info (per Product)

This modification adds a new HTML text area box to the product add and edit pages. The information you enter will be displayed on invoices and the customer and admin order information pages. This is useful if there are special notes about a product that you want the customer to know about. In our case we needed to let the customer know about how the product would be fulfilled and licensed as we drop ship a lot of products. On the invoice and order info pages, each product with a note is tagged with a superscript number and the associated note is below the list of order items.

All of the information is also added to the import/export functionality.

Additional Info with Attachments

This modification adds a new HTML text area that allows you to provide more detailed information for any attachments you add to your products. In our case we had product demos that customers could download, but we wanted to be able to note any limitations on the trial product etc.

All of the information is added to the import/export functionality.

Highlighted Tabs and Pages

This modification fixes the issue that prevents you from having more than one top level tab with pages and also have tab highlighting. With this fix regardless of what you put as a sub menu item, if you select that item, the parent tab will highlight. Currently you can only have one tab with pages and have that tab highlight.

Improved Product Import / Export (Pending)

A lot of information is not imported or exported with products. We are looking to have the following added to CSC import and export functionality:

General Tab

  1. Time-Unlimited download

    Files Tab
  2. Product Name must remain intact, not switch to filename
  3. Activation Mode
  4. Max downloads
  5. License Agreement
  6. Agreement Required
  7. Readme

    Block Tab
  8. Everything

    Tags Tab
  9. Everything

    Downloads Tab
  10. Everything

    Required Products Tab
  11. Everything

    Rewards Point Tab
  12. Everything