New Features In Ez Vendor Plans Plus

We've added new functionality to our EZ Vendor Plans Plus addon that extends the standard Vendor Plans addon. In addition to category commissions, service fees and vendor bonuses, we've added a new extension called "Allocations". If you need greater flexibility in commissioning in MVE, then we've got the addon for you.
Allocations allow you to decide what services/fees within an order are commissionable and what commission (absolute value or percentage) should apply. You can currently specify the following allocations:
+ Shipping charge (after removing any shipping_freight fee)
+ Shipping freight
+ Payment surcharge
+ Taxes
For each of the above you can either assign those funds to be ADDED to the merchant commission or leave them allocated to the vendor and optionally specify a commission.
For instance. Let's say you have a plan that is setup to use 25% commission in the plan. You want to take $5 from all shipping costs and give it to the merchant with the remainder being left to the Vendor. You can simply set the allocation to Vendor and specify '5' as the commission. If you want to commission shipping charges at 10%, then specify '10%' as the commission instead of '5'.
If you want Taxes to be allocated to the Vendor with no commission, you'd set the Taxes allocation to Vendor and leave the commission field empty (implying 100% to vendor).
If you want to allocate Shipping freight to the Merchant and have it ADDED to their commission, you'd set the allocation to Merchant.
Default settings emulate standard vendor plan behavior. I.e.:
Shipping charge - vendor @ plan_commission_rate
Shipping freight - vendor @ plan_commission_rate
Payment surcharge - merchant
Taxes - vendor @ plan commission_rate
A screen shot showing the new parts of the Extensions tab is below.
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As with all our products, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Can you please differentiate the difference between your new EZ Vendor Plans Plus and EZ Variable Commissions?

EZ Variable Commissions is deprecated. We will continue to support it but will not be doing any improvements or enhancements.

Both products do category commissions. However Variable Commissions is system based and not plan based. Hence you can't use different category commission rates for different plans. Variable commissions does not support the new features of allocations or bonuses. Essentially variable commissions has been replaced by the new Vendor Plans Plus. You should have received an email about this a few months ago when EZ Vendor Plans Plus was released.

Contact me if you want to discuss switching to EZ Vendor Plans plus However, there is no upgrade path between the two so it would essentially be installing EZ Vendor Plans Plus and disabling Variable Commissions.

One distinction between the two products though is that EZ Variable Commissions will let you establish commissions on categories/products in standard cs-cart as well as MVE It is the MVE support in Variable Commissions that is being deprecated.. Hence if you need to track commissions for things like artwork, photography, etc. you can do with with EZ Variable Commmissions in standard cs-cart or Ultimate.

Hope that addresses your question.

Thanks tbirnseth.

I will check your new Vendor Plans Plus and hopefully this will satisfy our requirements.

Hi, Seth!

How is this addon different from the "Vendor plans: Commissions by category" distributed with MVPlus?

I am looking particularly for an addon that would allow setting fees for posting in certain categories and will make these categories commission-free.

Hi Imago,

It's different in a couple of ways.

1) it was produced/released well before they added it to the standard vendor_plans.

2) You can have service fees associated with a category

3) You can have different rates within categories based on the item price. For example if you have Watches at a base rate of 20% you can set it up to have watches that sell for more than $1,000 have a commission of 10% instead.

4) There are extensions to allow you to determine what elements of any order are commissioned and possibly at different rates.

4.a) Shipping

4. B) Shipping Freight (fees on shipping)

4.c) Payment surcharge

4.d) Taxes (which they will be making standard in the next release)

5) You can pay bonuses to vendors for:

5.a) Revenue of the vendor greater than a target amount

5. B) Amount per newly registered customer exceeding a target number of new users.

As it's named, it's "vendor plans plus". Our goal is to offer merchants maximum flexibility within the confines of cs-cart multivendor edition.

Note that the forum software seems to want to replace a 'b' and closing paren with a smiley face when following a period!

Thank you, I have figured that 20 years ago :-)

BTW, would they be compatible? Can I use both addons simultaneously? Probably not...

In our system, all payments go directly to the vendors.

Yes, it is an extension, not a replacment. However, it will not use their category commissions, it uses our own when calculating the commissions on an order.

Wouldn't the category commissions set by different addons be multiplied? Which one will be taken as decisive when calculating the order totals?

For commission calculation, our addon takes precedence. So it will override any conflicting settings in the vendor_plans addon. This is important since things like taxes, shipping, payment fees, shipping fees can all be allocated to merchant or vendor and can potentially have different commission based on the addon settings.

Since vendor bonuses is not a concept included in cs-cart, there is no conflict for crediting a vendor account for bonuses.

As another example, cs-cart vendor_plans supports an order surcharge for the plan. We do not. Hence we account for that surcharge when allocating order funds between merchant and vendor.