New features for Payment Capture addon

EZ Merchant Solutions has now extended our popular Payment Capture addon for

Previously, it was purely status based. When the order status changed to the “trigger status”, the order “total” was automatically captured in full for the prior-authorized amount.

In the new version, automatic status capture can be disabled (manual mode). A new “Capture Payments” link is on the Orders tab of the Admin area. You can set the status to view orders that have not been captured (Processed by default) and you can set a status to change the order to once a complete capture is done (total payments equals order total). We suggest setting up a new order status of “Paid” to place orders that are in fact paid and use this as the order status to change to when order totals are fully captured.

This version supports partial payments as well as voids (canceling a payment before it is “settled”) and refunds (refunding all or part of a payment after the payment has been “settled”).

The two methods can be combined if you want to have automatic capture on order status but want to have the ability to refund all or part of a payment in the future.

For those of you who currently hold licenses for pay_capture, you will need to uninstall and re-install the addon to see the new features/functionality. However, you will get this new functionality for free.

A new price has been set to account for the increased functionality being provided for new licensees. If you have a current license and want additional licenses for other domains you own, we will sell you the additional licenses for the same price as you paid originally. It's our way of saying thank you for your business. Email us and we'll send you a coupon code to use. This offer will be available for 30 days.

New documents are available at: or from the attachments tab on the product detail page which is located at:

I am very interested in this mod, but I use the Navigate gateway from Merchant Plus. It is advertised to work the same as as far as integration is concerned. However, I'm wouldn't rely on that because I had to get Merchant Plus's tech support person to customize the authorizenet_aim.php from CS-Cart to work with it. How much extra would it cost me to get this working for my gateway?



I'm going to guess they changed the URL in the payments file.

I might be able to adjust the module for you as a custom module.

However, I'm headed out on vacation at the end of the week and am not planning to do any project work while I'm away.

You can go to my site ( and request a quote from the top central content block on the home page. I will be happy to look into this for you when I return from vacation but it won't be till the end of Sept. I will contact you via email at that point and will probably request you to send me the file they modified so I can compare the differences with the standard file.

No, it was more than just changing the URL as I could have handled that much. :) They had to tweak it and test it for a day or two to get it working. It was quite frustrating because I was moving from another cart and host. I spent months adding products on my local server and getting everything ready before uploading to the new host and making the switch. Unfortunately, I couldn’t test the CC stuff until I actually turned the new site on as I didn’t want to switch the domain and move the secure certificate off of the old site before the new one was up. Then, we ran into problems getting it to work and I was down for a couple of days. Frustrating! It all worked out eventually though and I am happy I switched.

I will go ahead and request a quote and wait to hear from you when you return. Have a nice time on vacation.


One more question… What are the chances that it will work out of the box with Navigate? Should I go ahead and purchase it and see if it will and then request a quote if it doesn't work? Or would it be better to just wait for you to look at the code first?

Probably the easiest approach is to request the quote and then I'll ask you to send me your authorizenet_aim.php file so I can diff it with standard. That will give me a better idea as to whether it will work for you.

I am not willing to start tweaking it outside of Anet's API. So if it is more than the URL then you probably just want to do it with their native support. But that's several hours of work to develop a different API and plug it in.

Just wanted to thank you for this VERY helpful Add-on!! It works perfectly and provided just the functionality we needed. And when I had questions, they were answered by EZ Merchant Solutions within hours (even during a holiday week). Great product and great support - thank you!

Can you describe the workflow for a partial payment with I'd like to offer customers the ability to pay 50% up front and 50% upon shipping.

We add a hook to the payment method that allows us to capture more information from the transaction than is normally stored with cs-cart (I.e. the approval_code and the auth_amount).

When the addon sends a partial payment, it will determine:

  1. has a capture already been done? If so, this amount needs to be auth/captured versus prior_auth_capture
  2. Is the 1st capture within 30 days of the original auth? If so, do a prior_auth_capture, else do a auth_capture because it's expired.
  3. If also tracks the balance due in the order and will account for that appropriately. So the order can change and the “available balance to capture” will adjust appropriately.

    We will probably be modifying this to work with the CIM module in so that you don't have to store any CC data on your site. We had Ecom Labs do the CIM module for us since we were too busy at the time. So I will defer purchases of that module to them. They did an excellent job.

    So @grayloon, You would chew up the authorized amount when you charge the 1st 50% and then you run the risk of not being able to auth_capture at the time you ship (I.e. declined due to limit exceeded or other reasons). However, if you ship within the same day and both transactions are made before your nightly “batch” then you might be able to get both captures as prior_auth_capture. You'll have to check with Anet about that.