New customers profile notification broken

I need to know if I broke something or if anyone else is having this problem with New customers profile notification emails;

The email is separated into three sections - contact, billing, and shipping. The contact info is good however the billing and shipping show the same info from the contact - first and last name. No where in this notification is an address?!?

I found profiles_info.tpl but had no luck repairing this.


This works fine for me using the Basic skin. What skin are you using? Maybe compare your profiles_info.tpl to the one in the Basic skin.


That’s the one I am using - ironically when I send an ‘update’ to the profile everything is filled in as expected.

Hmm. I tried both creating a new customer in the front-end and also updating a customer profile in the Admin and both emails were correct. Below is the info from the new customer email:

[HTML]Contact information

First name: New

Last name: Customer

Phone: 555-555-8521

Billing address

First name: New Billing

Last name: Customer

Address: 987 Some St

City: Some City

Country: United States

State/province: California

Zip/postal code: 93422

Shipping address

First name: New Shipping

Last name: Customer

Address: 987 Some Other Street

City: Some City

Country: United States

State/province: California

Zip/postal code: 93422[/HTML]

Have you made any changes to the


jobosales I just added to your two ‘country’ bugs in the bug tracker - this was causing my problems here; I disabled the country field thinking it was no longer needed since I removed every country except the USA from the Dashboard. Of course doing this causes checkouts to fail because the customer registration pages are still looking for a country, hence customers cannot checkout unless the country field is visible, even if only one country is available.

Glad you figured it out. I am sure it was maddening.

Things like this seem like such small details but clean presentation helps a lot with customer acquisition/retention. There should be no need for a customer or a shopowner to wade through lists when only a single option is available. They should give us the ability to set a default (as they do in currencies) and use that information if no other choice is made even if no options are displayed (again, as they do with currencies)

I really hope they address this soon.


I received an email notification “New customers profile notification” and noticed that the “Hello” was mispelled - “Hellp”.

Does anyone know where I can fix this?


On Sat, Nov 28, 2009 at 12:09 PM[/COLOR]

First place I would look is Content->Languages - search for ‘hellp’.


[quote name=‘Steve’o’]Does anyone know where I can fix this?


I’m still laughing!