New Customer Only Product

Hello everyone.

I'm trying to figure out a way to have a product that is only purchasable by new customers to my store.

Or, at a minimum, a product that is only purchasable once by a given user account.

The idea is that I want to run a new customer promotion and drive them to a hidden special product. But I don't want it to be available for them to purchase at that pricing again.

Any help is most appreciated!

If the product would have been free, it is easy enough to do this as a promotion, but when it has to be purchased… wait, yes you can do that when you put in an option that allows them to opt out. I've done the same for samples that are added automatically to the order but except for choosing a particular option, they can also by default choose for nothing at all.

The bigger problem would be to prevent someone from getting the same discount again by creating a new account, no?


product: adding an extra option to the hidden product which allows them to opt out and not purchase anything

promotion conditions: specific user group that has never ordered before or ordered just once? + used only once.

promotion bonus: that hidden product

HTH a little bit


PS: forget it… tried to make it work but it only did for a free product, so lost at how to do it that way.

I get that you want to surprise them, but you can still not tell them what the surprise is going to be by creating a gift certificate.

All I can think of are a couple of sideways methods:

  1. Place your offer for the Hidden Product on the Successful Registration page. They are only going to see the offer ONE time though, and I don't know if the customer sees this page when they Register DURING Checkout.

    Maybe include the offer in the Registration Welcome email message that is sent as well.

    Apply a Promotion to the offer so it is Once Per Customer if you like.

  2. Create a User group (call it New Customer) and change Registration to add customers to the New Customer group. Create a Cart Promotion with the New Customer User group as a condition. Then, after some time period, change the customer's user group to the default Registered group. A cron job could be created that runs a custom script that updates your customer's user group.

Thanks Don

We will try that option.

Right now I got another issue to solve:

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That error might be caused by transplanting one working store and match it again with an existing database.