New CS-cart based web shop

This is food template from CS-cart but i have made few modifications.


Shop is still not fully in function(payment gataway still not in function)

but in a few weeks will be.

Hope you like it if not keep it for your self lol.

Could just be my network but I only see the header the rest of the page doesn't load.

Loads just fine n every PC i have try it.

[quote name='mazivo' timestamp='1321023463' post='125774']

Loads just fine n every PC i have try it.


Loads, but extremely slow in the U.S.

Several minutes to load home page.

It loads fine for me here in California. Probably took 7 or 8 seconds. Not the fastest, but not bad.

It looks like you are off to a good start.



I realy dont know why is loading so slow for you. Here(Croatia) loads in 3 sec, and i tried

on several pc-s.

loaded OK for me UK, google page speed results attached, but it seeme[attachment=4702:speed.JPG]d to load far faster for me than what a usual 48 would.



it's page load time is very long. not working proper-ally and buying method is also wrong…

Your web page is taking at least the duration it took to write this message to load itself :P

Well, it is a bit slow here in Ohio, U.S.A. Maybe it's time to get a better host!

Looks like you're off to a good start, though.

I would also look at the logo again and try to get cleaner edges - looks a little jagged.