New Artisteer 3.2 SDK and CS-Cart templates

It looks like Artisteer (very popular template creator) is going to release an SDK in their upcoming 3.2 version.

I would LOVE, LOVE to see CS-Cart use this SDK to create a CS-Cart export type so that we can easily create templates for CS-Cart.

Now, the downside to Artisteer is that the templates aren’t the highest quality like a custom PSD → CS-Cart template but, it would give us a HUGE leg up with creating nice looking basic designs (template factories) for a volume CS-Cart and CS-Cart Pro deployments. Our customers love CS-Cart and with 3.0 around the corner, this is a golden opportunity to move CS-Cart into the fast lane.

Starting from 4.0, Artisteer supports Export Plug-ins and it's possible now creating a plugin (free or commercial ) for [color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]CS-Cart[/font][/color].

More details you can find here: