New Addon: Manage Discount Pricing From Search Results

We are pleased to announce a new addon to make it EZier to manage discount pricing (V4 only at this time).

This can be a very powerful tool if you want to quickly change discount levels for a group of products that you can derive from a product search and/or selection of products on the products.manage page.


[indent=1]This addon will allow you to modify Quantity Discounts for products that are selected on the products.manage page. Decimal values are supported for percentages. I.e. you can use 22.375 as the Discount for a Percent whereas standard cs-cart only allows integer values (I.e. 22).[/indent]


Important: the Discount field in this addon when used with the Absolute($) Type behaves differently than the Quantity Discount ‘Value’ field in that it specifies the amount to reduce a product’s price rather than setting the price.[/indent]


You can create as many discount entries as you want. Just ensure that the Quantity and Usergroup pairs are unique for each entry. If not, the last one will override previous entries. The entries will be a applied to all selected products. A notification message will display stating the number of products affected as well as the number of prices applied to each.[/indent]


Leaving a Value blank will simply skip the record. Entering 0 (zero) for the value will cause that pricing to be deleted.[/indent]


[indent=1]• Quick way to update quantity discounts based on product search results…

• Supports decimal value for percentages.

• Entering zero for a value will delete that Quantity/Usergroup combination.

• Pricing can be discounted by a fixed amount by using the Absolute($) Type instead of Percent(%) Type.[/indent]

Basic screenshot



A search for ‘camera’ on the products.manage page would return 5 products. Selecting the checkbox for ‘all’ would select all of those products. The Action menu (the one with the gear on it) will contain a selection for “Discount for selected”. Clicking this menu item will result in the pop-up above.

Documentation is available at [url=“”][/url]

The product detail page is at:…-discounts.html

Marketplace information is at: EZ Manage Discounts

This addon was developed specifically to meet the needs in the article link below. It was extended to allow for some of the shortfalls in standard cs-cart discount percentages as well as allowing for removal of discounts for Quantity/Usergroup pairs. The original article is at: http://forum.cs-cart…__1#entry209419